Seven years and counting: PayIt named to the GovTech 100 again in 2023

Efficient and secure processes for professional and business licensing

Whether you handle professional licensing, business licensing, hunting and fishing licensing, or all of them, your department is an important touchpoint with citizens who want to further their careers or enjoy your state’s outdoor recreation areas. With PayIt’s digital government platform, the online license and permit application process is efficient and secure. Let residents apply for and renew licenses anywhere, anytime, saving your department processing time, billing costs and recordkeeping.

PayIt’s license and permit issuing
software allows citizens to:

File an online permit or license application

Renew existing licenses and receive renewal notifications

Store digital copies of licenses and permits on mobile devices

Store preferred payment methods securely in PayIt's GovWallet™

Consistent support, continuous innovation

With your PayIt's government licensing software, you can expect:

A solution that is tailored to processing payments for different license and permit types

Fast response times to technical issues and questions about your online permit application

Ongoing technical and security improvements for your licensing and permitting software

Support for back-end system integration and team onboarding

Ease and security for citizens with PayIt’s GovWallet

Our digital wallet lets citizens create an online account where they can store and access their licenses with a few clicks.

Document storage - +
  • License storage
  • ID storage
  • Past payments and receipt storage
  • Industry-leading security measures
  • Easy credit and debit card storage
  • First-time and renewal application fees
  • Upcoming and overdue payment reminders
  • Licensing renewal reminders

Streamline your operations with PayIt’s
automated licensing and permitting system

PayIt’s web-based permitting software can help your department work more efficiently and save on costs by:

Guiding citizens through the online permitting process with a conversation chatbot to reduce customer service calls and emails

Saving documents in the citizen’s Digital Wallet to speed up license renewals, in turn saving your employees time searching for stored information

Unifying and streamlining back-end processes to help your staff process license applications more efficiently

Ease the burden of compliance and security

Integrating back-office systems can be a complex process, and configuring your e-licesing and e-permitting software exactly the way you want it requires expertise. That’s why we provide each of our clients with a dedicated client success team to roll out your government platform.



PayIt is built in the AWS GovCloud, which meets strict requirements for data protection, access control and compliance with agency regulations. This includes the FedRAMP High baseline, the DOJ Criminal Justice ISSP and SOC compliance.



PayIt is able to reduce agencies’ compliance requirements. Our Level 1 certification relieves our clients from having to meet those standards on their own. This saves them time, money and headaches.



PayIt protects citizen information by replacing payment account data with tokens during transactions, which means credit card or bank account information is never actually stored.

Government licensing and permits can be easier

See what PayIt can do for your permitting and licensing processes through a customizable demo of our digital permit solution.