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How will you move your data from mainframe to cloud?

Moving your data to the cloud is a must — and a challenge - +

Switching to a new data platform is always challenging because every data transfer carries a risk of data loss — and concerns about data quality and usability after the move. Government data security and compliance requirements raise the stakes for agencies migrating from legacy systems.

Every migration requires a plan. However, migrating government data from your old COBOL system to the cloud target system requires specialized planning expertise and experience.

Avoiding cost overruns caused by incomplete migration planning can protect your budget. Protecting your data during the switch is critical. So is knowing how long the move will take and having a backup plan if there’s a delay.

PayIt Safe Switch: A secure, low-stress data migration solution

Government data migration experts - +

We’ve helped move, integrate and streamline data for New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Kansas, Alabama, as well as other state and local agencies across the country.

As we upgrade your data management, we consult with your subject matter experts to identify the best way to move and structure your data so you can get the most value from it going forward.

We take the pieces of your legacy data puzzle and connect them with your tech stack seamlessly, so your agency can start working more efficiently — and your constituents can take care of their government business easily.

Make the most of your digital transformation, sooner

Bring your back-office systems securely to the cloud - +

Safe Switch can migrate one or all of your databases from mainframe to AWS GovCloud, which follows the strictest security protocols for government agencies.

We know what it takes to move data for motor vehicles, property taxes, social services, utilities and more. We can help you get that data out of its silos so you can have a unified view of all your information.

Migrating with Safe Switch is the first step to offering digital billing, payment and record-keeping services for your residents from one safe, easy to use interface. Save staff hours, optimize your budget and provide better service to your constituents.

We make the data migration process simple and safe for government offices