Seven years and counting: PayIt named to the GovTech 100 again in 2023

A GovTech platform with
electronic billing services
and more

Set up automatic bill presentment and electronic payments for any service
Let residents set up email alerts for their accounts
Save on paper, printing and postage

Easily offer eBilling, AutoPay, ManagedPay and other convenient payment and billing options

Paper bills and checks in the mail are on their way out. They’re costly, time consuming and risky because of the personal information printed on them.

PayIt gives you a cost-effective and convenient alternative

Use PayIt to set up eBilling for one government service or all of them: utilities, parking, tolls, property taxes, permits, licenses, vehicle registrations, court services, vital records requests and more
Staff members can spend less time answering basic account questions and taking payments in-person and over the phone, so they have more time to work on other projects
Reach residents more effectively with email, text, phone and digital wallet notifications

Keep track of accounts with electronic billing and payment solutions

Creating an account is easy. Residents can use email, Facebook or Google to set up their account and sign in.

Electronic bill payment makes it easier for residents to pay at any time, wherever they are — no more waiting for your office to open or hunting around for a postage stamp.

With PayIt’s platform and electronic billing services, citizens can check their account balances, receipts, permit and license statuses, renewal dates and more online. All of this can be done at any time, making for a 24/7 citizen experience.

Residents who choose to store their payment details in their GovWallet™ can make future transactions faster and easier. They can set up automatic electronic payments or use plans to pay their balances over time. That means fewer missed payments and late fees, and more revenue for your agency.

See what eBilling and other payment services can do for your government office

We love to host a demo, and we always customize them so you can see how PayIt will help your agency with its specific needs.

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