Seven years and counting: PayIt named to the GovTech 100 again in 2023

PayIt helps government
CFOs with digital

Streamline and digitize financial reporting with the data you need for decision making
Save by preventing payment fraud, reducing compliance costs and
gaining efficiencies
Secure your agency’s financial data and comply easily with
government regulations

Streamline your agency’s financial data for better government outcomes

Transform your financial management
Whether you’re a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) leading a large agency through its digital transformation or a local municipality trying to make your agency’s revenue go farther, PayIt is here to help. Our reporting engine includes more than 100 ready reports and KPIs to make real-time financial management and planning easier.

Integrate PayIt easily with your contact and financial management systems
PayIt’s platform is built to integrate with government systems of record, whether homegrown or industry-standard vendors. Whether you’re using an on-premise or cloud-based ERP to keep track of transactions and the month-end close, our team works with yours to configure everything to meet your finance department’s needs.

Digital transformation solutions that fit government budgets
PayIt has enabled digital payments and streamlined internal controls for state and local government CFO offices at no cost. We understand the financial requirements and management goals of county clerks, city finance administrators and state agency comptrollers.

Enable cost savings and efficiency gains

Easier reconciliation and chargeback management
PayIt’s real-time reporting and data visibility make reconciling financial statements simpler, so CFO offices can catch discrepancies sooner. Our PCI Level 1 Merchant certification reduces fraudulent transactions — and your liability for them.

Faster, more efficient access and disbursement
Because PayIt enables real-time transaction processing, your agency gets access to revenue sooner. This means government CFOs can disburse funds securely and quickly to multiple agencies.

Reduce employee time spent on repetitive tasks
How much time do staffers in your agency spend answering basic constituent questions about bills, taxes, permits and tolls? How many hours are spent processing in-person and telephone transactions? PayIt’s processing options provide self-service for citizens and allow government workers to focus on other tasks.

Protect your agency and constituent financial data

Reduce fraud risk and liability
PayIt is a PCI Level 1 Certified Merchant, which reduces your agency’s payment processing compliance burden and protects you from chargebacks. We also tokenize and encrypt transactions and use strong encryption on your data at rest.

Meet strict government compliance standards
We built PayIt in the AWS GovCloud to ensure adherence to federal and state requirements for the protection of financial data, medical records, and other personally identifiable and controlled unclassified information.

Continuous security monitoring and updates
PayIt’s security team continuously monitors our systems for threats and vulnerabilities. We make updates whenever they’re needed to make your financial system’s data more secure.

Request a personalized PayIt demo

Contact us and we’ll create a customized tour of the PayIt platform so you can see how we can help state and local government CFOs transform their agencies, reduce costs and secure data.