Seven years and counting: PayIt named to the GovTech 100 again in 2023

One government

Changing the way people interact with government

The idea of One Government means simply that. Our platform consolidates everything into one profile that residents can use to interact with any and all government services.

The motivating factor behind our digital wallet was taking resident feedback and solving those glaring needs. We understand the difficulties of keeping track of multiple user logins, receipts, due dates and paper copies of documents. Some government services aren’t available online, which means taking time off from work or away from the family to spend hours in an office filling out forms and waiting in line. Not to mention losing a day’s pay, gas, tolls and parking — they add up.

Our digital wallet allows for convenient interactions with multiple government services. Users can set up renewal reminders, auto payments and manage their bills all from one, secure place.

It’s one wallet, one government experience, all on one platform.

All-in-one platform

Renew all vehicle registrations

Obtain titles

Set-up payments and renewals

Renew driver’s lienses

Order customized license plates

Apply for hunting licenses

Apply for fishing licenses

Set-up auto renewals and alerts

Link turnpike & tolling acounts

Manage electronic toll tags

Pay existing balanes and other

Receive discounted too fees

Search for tickets and case statuses

Pay tickets, court fees and plea fines

Schedule fine payments

Submit please

Link utility accounts

Pay utility bills

Manage city and county violations

Manage late and auto payments

Link properties

Pay household property taxes

Pay vehicle property taxes

Set-up auto payments

Digital Wallet three key pillars

Our digital wallet is creating one seamless government experience for residents, built on three key pillars.