Seven years and counting: PayIt named to the GovTech 100 again in 2023

Secure payment solution
for governments

Meets PCI Level 1 standards for payment processors
Built on the AWS GovCloud for compliance with government regulations
Includes up-to-date payment tokenization, encryption and monitoring

PCI Level compliance protects against fraud and liability

PayIt meets the global standard for card payment security - +

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council sets the rules for how governments and merchants process card transactions around the world. We are a certified PCI Level 1 Merchant and Service Provider, which means we meet rigorous  PCI DSS requirements for transaction security and customer identity verification.

Every entity that accepts card payments is responsible for complying with PCI standards. When you process transactions with PayIt, our Level 1 certification relieves your agency from having to meet those standards on your own. That can save you time, money and headaches.

PCI compliant processing protects your citizens from credit card fraud. It also protects your agency from the consequences of card fraud—costly investigations, expensive fraud liability and bad publicity.

AWS GovCloud security meets government compliance standards

PayIt helps you meet federal and state security standards - +

We’re built on Amazon Web Services GovCloud, which meets strict federal requirements for data protection, access control and compliance with agency regulations. This includes the FedRAMP High baseline, the DOJ Criminal Justice Information Systems Security Policy and SOC compliance.

PayIt’s AWS GovCloud presence enables us to safely process billions of dollars worth of secured transactions each year for local and state governments.

GovCloud helps governments comply with requirements for handling financial data and personally identifiable information as well as medical records, law enforcement data and other controlled unclassified information.

PayIt’s protocols for online transaction security

Payment tokenization - +

PayIt protects constituent information by replacing payment account data with tokens during transactions.

With credit card payment tokenization, your residents get to pay conveniently, you get real-time payment processing and would-be thieves get shut out.

We do more than protect your residents’ data during transactions. While their data is stored in the cloud, strong encryption shields it from unauthorized users — so even if they could access it, they couldn’t use it.

We know how valuable your data is to both your operations and your reputation. That’s why PayIt is always on the job, continuously monitoring the security status of your data and making software updates as soon as they’re needed to stay ahead of digital threats.

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