Seven years and counting: PayIt named to the GovTech 100 again in 2023

Government workflow automation
done right

PayIt simplifies government digital services and online payments by adapting your existing agency and employee processes into automated and efficient workflows.


Become paperless at no cost to your agency

Using paperless process management eliminates handwritten or printed paper forms, scanning or duplicating copies of citizen verification documents or manually transferring information into a digital format. Better business process management for your agency means moving beyond fillable PDFs or screens. While form automation does wonders towards reducing transcription error and saving on printing costs, smart workflows ensure only the relevant citizen information is requested and captured by also reusing already entered information. This process eliminates repetitive tasks for both employees and citizens.

Process automation for the public sector

The most efficient government agencies use accelerated workflow solutions to improve operational productivity and citizen satisfaction. By leveraging the best of what government workflow automation can provide, agencies can accelerate modernization efforts and make it easier for constituents to:

Renew a driver’s license

Pay property taxes and utility bills

 Report a pothole or street light outages

Find an upcoming court date

Renew a business license

Citizens can get it all done from any device, anytime and anywhere. There is no need to call government agencies, go through long lines, fill out paper forms, handle physical documents and wait weeks for approvals to be mailed.

And, through seamless integration with the customer’s digital wallet, bill reminders or automatic payments allow a citizen to self-serve the level of automation right for them.

Ways to improve government services through document workflow automation

Government workflow automation brings more agility to public services because human intervention is not required to move a process forward. Paperless automation eliminates the need to transfer information manually from one place to another to get it into a digital system. Replacing manual processes with workflow automation services ensures the right information is collected, at the right time. 

PayIt’s government workflows guide citizens who are submitting documents for a given task, such as renewing a driver’s license. The ability to dynamically trigger notifications, request additional information and obtain approvals automatically contributes to faster service delivery.

Advantages of workflow automation

Many of the negative sentiments constituents have with government service delivery stem from these experiences not being mobile-friendly and often requiring them to input the same information over and over again. Both government and constituents win with a centralized workflow that integrates agencies’ back-end systems of records with public-facing services.

Here are some of the benefits of workflow automation software in the public sector: 

Faster and more convenient service delivery for citizens

Increased employee productivity and a reduction in manual processes

Cost savings due to a reduced number of forms and mail expenses

How to measure automation success

Successful workflow automation in government translates into increased productivity and cost savings from reducing document processing, payment reconciliation, walk-in customers, and mail expenses. These gains have been quantified in Forrester's study on the ROI of deploying PayIt's digital services and online payments.

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