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Government point-of-sale
systems, modernized

Accept in-person, contactless payments with the PayIt Now point-of-sale (POS) system
Streamline your payments through a single PayIt account for easy reporting and visibility
Rest easy knowing that PayIt’s government payment solutions meet PCI security standards

Ease and security for citizens with PayIt’s Digital Wallet

Your constituents need more convenient payment options. Your staffers need safer in-office transactions. The PayIt Now point-of-sale system gives your government office a way to meet those needs.

PayIt Now is a modern POS that allows government agencies to accept ACH payments, debit cards, credit cards, NFC payments and more.

Client success and integration know-how - +

Less handling of high-touch terminal surfaces means a healthier work space and fewer cleaning requirements

PayIt Now POS terminals allow your offices to accept both Google Pay and Apple Pay for even the most tech-savvy constituents

Save paper, ink and time with email, text and digital wallet receipt options

New transaction visibility and reporting

PayIt Now terminals connect directly to a central back-office system while syncing to one constituent account for:

Real-time transaction flow
Real-time data reporting

Enjoy payment security designed for government services

Built in the AWS GovCloud for compliance with data security, identity management and other requirements

PCI Level 1 compliant for payment security and reduced scope for your agency
EMV compliant to reduce your payment risk

Set up your in-office payment terminal easily

The PayIt Now POS terminal and our POS software:

The PayIt Now POS terminal and our POS software:
Integrate with your mobile and web business apps
Come with on-site or online training for your staff

Total time to launch:      90 days or less

Total cost to launch:       $0

More PayIt payment processing options for governments

Integrating back-office systems can be a complex process, and configuring your new portal exactly the way you want it
requires expertise. That’s why we provide each of our clients with a dedicated client success team to roll out your government
software implementations.

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